Roundtables 2023

Details to follow shortly for 2024

Roundtable #1

Market & Economic Views: Shifts in asset allocation given today’s market environment

Hosted by:
Joyce Zhang, Senior Investment Officer, and Portfolio Manager, The Wallace Foundation

In Collaboration with: IADEI

Roundtable #2

Managing Macro Risks at a Time of Uncertainty

Hosted by:
Rob Rahbari, Senior Investment Officer & Assistant Treasurer, University of Rochester

In Collaboration with: IADEI

Roundtable #3

$0 to $1 billion: How to grow your fund

Hosted by:
Yael Tzur, Partner, Truebridge Capital Partners

In Collaboration with: IADEI

Roundtable #4

Interesting uncorrelated strategies

Hosted by:
Christine Kelleher, Chief of Investments, National Gallery of Art

In Collaboration with: IADEI

Roundtable #5

Building an Early Stage Investing Programme

Hosted by:
Paul Marcussen, Lead PM and Head of NY, Norges Bank Investment Management

Roundtable #6

Seeding and Staking Considerations for Emerging Managers

Hosted by:
Linda Luu, Principle, Blackstone
Lionel Erderly, Co-CEO & CIO, Investcorp-Tages

Roundtable #7

Diverse Manager Programs: Insight from Pension Plans

Hosted by:
Dana Johns, Head of Private Equity & Chair of PEWIN, New Jersey Treasury’s Division of Investment/PEWIN
Emily Mendell, Executive Director, Private Equity Women Investor Network (PEWIN)

In Collaboration with: PEWIN

Roundtable #8

Altering the Paradigm for Diverse Investment Managers

Hosted by:
Chrissie Pariso, Managing Director, MPowered Capital

Roundtable #9

Breaking Through with Consultants- a walkthrough of WTW’s manager research and selection process. Understand our rating process together with some examples of common pitfalls and best practices.

Hosted by:
Paula Robinson, Director, US Equity, WTW

Roundtable #10

Storytelling: how to pitch to LPs

Hosted by:
Sophia Tsai, Managing Director, Investments at Trinity Church Wall Street
Melody Koh, Partner, NextView Ventures

In Collaboration with: IADEI

Roundtable #11

FEG’s Diverse Manager Program
FEG has developed a diverse manager platform and implementation approach for various clients to assist them in achieving their goals. This discussion highlights how FEG defines the space, evaluates managers, and assists clients on the journey.

Hosted by:
Quincy Brown, Senior Vice President Institutional Services, Fund Evalution Group
Laura Poeckes, Research Analyst, Fund Evaluation Group

Roundtable #12

Seeding Arrangements, Anchor Investments, Managed Accounts: What are the considerations, the differences, and pros and cons?

Hosted by:
Eileen Overbaugh, Partner, Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP

Roundtable #13

Fostering Diversity and Leadership: Strategies for Building Inclusive Early-Stage Teams

Hosted by:
Michelle Knudsen, Senior Portfolio Manager, The Andrew W Mellon Foundation
Carolina Siles, Board Member, The Investment Diversity Exchange (TIDE)

In Collaboration with: TIDE

Roundtable #14

Being viewed as Institutional Quality

Hosted by:
Deepika Sharma, Global Head of Manager Selection, BlackRock
Johnny Wu, Board Member, The Association of Asian American Investment Managers (AAAIM)

In Collaboration with: AAAIM

Roundtable #15

How Are Institutional CIOs Adjusting the 70/30 Asset Allocation Model in This Market?

Hosted by:
Darren Wolf, Global Head Of Investments, Alternatives, abrdn

Roundtable #16

A Roadmap for Investors: Investor Blueprint for Racial and Economic Equity

Hosted by:
MonaLisa Como, Executive Director, Institute for Diversity and Inclusion in Finance

In Collaboration with: IDiF

Roundtable #17

Capital Raising for Emerging Managers

Hosted by:
Clark Hoover, Investment Officer – Private Market Assets, LACERS

Roundtable #18

Specific Challenges That Woman-Led Managers Face and How to Overcome Them

Hosted by:
Albourne, Presenter TBC